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Forward Incubator Program

Forward Incubator is a Dutch organization devoted to supporting newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. They do this by empowering them to launch, grow, fund, and sustain their own businesses.

The Newsights is a project developed under guidance of Forward Incubator. For more information please visit:



Consultancy and Project Partnerships

  • Strategy and Insights
  • Conducting Long-Run Research Programs
  • Implementing Roadmaps 
  • Analysis and Detailed Reports

Trainings Programs

  • Awareness Programs
  • Focus Group Activities
  • On Demand Modular Modules

Areas of Expertise

Integration and Inclusion Policies

● Social Order

● Public Security 

Nationalism and Populism


● Ethnic Populism

● Right Wing Populism 

Muslim Immigrants

● Muslim Communities

● Awareness Programs

How we can work?

We bring theory and practice together

Gathering data

According to the purpose of the study, we systematically collect reliable data from various sources using qualitative and quantitative research methods.



We evaluate the collected data or the data shared by your organization with our experience and convert them into valuable information.


Preparing Insights

We prepare powerful, clear, and comprehensible reports for our partners, customers and policy makers.


Our service understanding model is holistic and unique. Operating across Europe as one integrated, multifunctional team, we bring the best of The Newsights to each partner.

We promise to bring expertise, agility, and understanding to deliver the right answer and experience.

Our team consists of academicians, security analysts, and homeland security experts with decades of experience.