Our Mission

The newsights platform project aim is to provide new insights to European policy makers and instituions for their respective challenges in ‘integration and inclusion’ process of immigrants.

Our analyses and reports help policy makers who aim to develop strategies or actions plans for immigrants’ “integration and inclusion” process. What sets us apart is the combination of theory with lived experience in Homeland Security, as well as our ability to deliver fast results

Our Vision

As “The Newsights”, we prepare data-based, result-oriented, ground-breaking analyses using scientific methods, evaluated with the contributions of field experts. We commit to portraying real conditions in the best possible way.

We believe in common sense and prepare our work with team spirit. Our products are not a simple summation of different specialties, but the unique product of the synergy created by these differences.

We aim to be a highly efficient platform, serving our valued solution partners and a reliable and reputable platform providing social, political, and security consultancy in integration and inclusion processes of immigrants.

Who we are?

The Newsights was founded by former policy and security analysts on the philosophy that multi-cultural societies need multi-dimensional approaches from its source to develop integration and inclusion policies for immigrants.

We define The Newsights as a source with high analytic skills together with experience in homeland security.

We believe that we will make a difference in this field with a motivation that brings together theoretical knowledge and field expertise, produces realistic and applicable solutions, and focuses on the research topics with empathy.

How we work?

We bring theory and practice together

Gathering data

According to the purpose of the study, we systematically collect reliable data from various sources using qualitative and quantitative research methods.



We evaluate the collected data or the data shared by your organization with our experience and convert them into valuable information.


Preparing Insights

We prepare powerful, clear, and comprehensible reports for our partners, customers and policy makers.


Our service understanding model is holistic and unique. Operating across Europe as one integrated, multifunctional team, we bring the best of The Newsights to each partner.

We promise to bring expertise, agility, and understanding to deliver the right answer and experience.

Our team consists of academicians, security analysts, and homeland security experts with decades of experience.

Trust Our Experience


Our vast expert staff allows us to be very flexible in terms of time and demands.

Partner/Customer Oriented

We attach importance to the reports we prepare, focusing on the needs of the partners to provide comprehensive and meticulous work.

Strong Leaders

Our team has strong leaders working on each research topic. Having worked together for several years, our team is cohesive and is able to offer high quality reports.

Best Education

In addition to their field experience, our experts in our work team have received training in different countries and have experience giving training themselves.


All our experts have more than 15 years of work experience, field experience, bureaucratic culture, and academic qualifications.